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A New Breed of Bar.

The outdoor garden and bar ecology reimagined. Celebrate the elements.



Mortar and Pistil @
The Wynwood Yard

56 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127


We have moved on from this location but the Bar at the Wynwood Yard lives on!

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Welcome to Mortar and Pistil a pop-up bar by Tactivate where revelry, creativity, physicality and skill acquisition are celebrated as seamless experiences. This is a bar where tether ball games and live music go hand in hand with cocktails crafted with herbs from the garden and survival skills training. Dont come to just drink, come to learn about seed saving, lock picking and to play. 

Day beds and wifi await your creative jam session. Swing while you work in the garden or relax in the tent lounge oasis. 

Torches light the garden, music stokes the spirit and craft cocktails flow. Fuel the mind with classes from survival training to homesteading and feast on fair from organic vegan bowls to wood fired pizza.



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Mortar and Pistil was a pop-up created by Tactivate launched and run in 2016

Tactivate meshes the military Special Operations Veteran and entrepreneurial communities for mutual skill-share and benefit. Creative business ventures are launched hand in hand with Veterans to provide real world business training and to provide creative spaces to cross-pollinate the entrepreneurial and veteran ecosystems. Mortar and Pistil was one such venture.